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Wollastonite in Ceramics/porcelain Making Application
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Wollastonite with dense shaped ceramic structure can improve the mechanical strength, reduce the wet expansion coefficient, improve the body’s strength and molding quality, and reduce the sintering temperature so that rapid sintering in low temperatures, the purpose of energy saving and efficiency can be achieved. In the glaze making industry, wollastonite can improve the whiteness and fluidity of glaze, and reduce the defects of products.

Wollastonite can be used to produce all kinds of electroceramics, architectural porcelain/ceramics, daily-use ceramics and brake pads, etc. Nearly half of the world's annual output amount of wollastonite is used in ceramics as the largest production field.Wollastonite in China is mainly used in glazed bricks and ceramic bodies, copying more than 50% of the total consumption amount of wollastonite.

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