Company Profile

Shenyang Huakuang is specialized in supplying wollastonite with more than 10 years of mining experience.

Our mine is located in Jilin province where is one of the biggest wollastonite origin areas with a huge mineral resource (wollastonite deposit is more than ten million tons) in China, which has a good reputation of lower loss on ignition (LOI),lower Fe content, fewer surface defects, improved shrinkage control, higher impact strength,faster drying times and higher whiteness.

Our wollastonite minerals are chosen by hand from experienced workers, which can guarantee our stable qualities, and our products have been proved by our worldwide clients to be the most stable and suitable products for ceramics, construction, metallurgy, glass fibers, rubbers, flux, papermaking, friction materials, plastics, paints and other industry fields.

We have more than 10 lines of equipments and machines, and the output is more than 200 thousand tons so that to satisfy the requirements of several clients at the same time.

We have our own test lab to control our quality, and welcome your inquiries and cooperation.

Add: Room 716, Shuguang Building, Tianci Street, Hunnan District,Shenyang ,Liaoning Province,China